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Let me introduce myself and my company,

      My name is Stanislav Rokyta, I was born in 1965 and I am 100% owner of the company "Stanislav Rokyta- ROST".

      There is a good habit to describe a decade of company history in this part of web sites. The reason is very simple, the older the company is the more influential can be for a potential customer.

      Everybody who is living in the Czech republic or in Eastern Europe knows that the longest history of a private company can be dated back to 1990. I made up my mind to make such an important decision after two years. In 1992 I came to the conclusion that I had a lot to offer to the world in the business branch I had always been interested in - transport.

      The beginning was a big challenge , because the first truck was guaranteed by a property of the house where my whole family lived. The bank credit had to be guaranteed by several houses owned by family members. To start business with a good capital gained in the "privatization process" would be definitely easier, but my way of starting the business helps me to feel comfortable with everybody. Here, I need to apologize to all foreigners reading this web site, because only Czech citizen can understand this point of view.

      At this part we could put into a picture all those thousands moments more or less important for our company. However time is money, so let us just carry on briefly introducing the history of ROST company.

      In 1994 for the first time I was led in my business activities far east to the biggest country in the world, former Russia. Now I must admit that this event was a strategic moment for the development of my company. There I found new business partners who had managed of establishing good business in the atmosphere of political and economic changes in former Russia. These partners put their trust in me and we started doing business. I hope I did not disappoint any of them in any respect.

      From 1994 -1998 we built a truck dock with a rolling stock including 35 vehicles for MKD in the area of a "green meadow". The truck dock and a new terminal facilities plus offices fulfill the strictest rules for the rolling stock of about 70 trucks at disposal.

      To prove the intensive development of our company here is an economic index of company turnover in 1992 app. 65,000 EUR comparing to the year 1997 when the turnover reached 8,000,000 EUR. Unfortunately the year 1998 was an historical year for international economic statistics. This year had also a bad impact on our company because of a sharp fall of the rouble ratio the US dollar. These days the business activities of our company are concentrated - 40% in the western market and 60% remaineing in the eastern market after its consolidation. This situation was only possible thanks to lengthening contracts, building good relationships and the stabilization of the Russian market.
      I suppose this is the best time to finish introducing the company, because you have already devoted enough of your time just to visit our web sites. In conclusion I want to reassure you that our position in the international transport market is focused on those customers who:
  1. need a personal and particular attention
  2. would like their goods delivered according to their requests
  3. like the traditional business motto: "our Customer is our Master."
For those who just finished these web sites I do thank you and I wish all the best in your work and family life

Stanislav Rokyta
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