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As you may already read in the part " ABOUT OUR COMPANY , the terminal facility provides enough space for service and vehicle maintenance.

      With the intensive progress there was a need to create a separate facility for these activities. Due to our repair activities, company REMI was established in 1995. This company is financially tied to our company, ROST. On the other hand REMI works on economic independence and besides serving ROST vehicles, it also provides service for a great deal of clients in the truck transport industry.

      REMI company uses the same devices of communication and contacts with clients as the ROST company does, thanks to communication connection between the companies based on the telephone system and e-mail. You can find this info in the "CONTACT" part..

      We are ready to help you in both unexpected situations or in regular service and repairs of your vehicles.


  • Service and repairs of foreign makes of trucks (Renault, Daf ...)
  • Maintenance, medium-level repairs and overhauls of Daewoo, Avia and Liaz trucks
  • Maintenance and repairs of all types of trailers and semi-trailsers
  • Preparation and performance of mechanical & technical inspections of commercial vehicles
  • Sale of Dunlop, Michelin, Pneumant and Stomil tyres
  • Kraiburk retreading
  • Repairs of truck tyres including small punctures
In addition, we offer Elf fina total, Madit, and Shell engine oils. We change oil in all types of commercial and passenger vehicles. Installation and service of the Breeze independent car heating. Licensed Ateso service.
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