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This spedition activity was brought to our company as a result of clients' pressure in the years from 1994 to 1998.

        Because the intensity and the amount of delivered goods was enormous, especially from our Eastern clientele, our transport vehicles were not able to cover all requests. Our premises to convey these requires to a third partner collapsed.
      Our clientele totally satisfied with the quality of the transport service of our vehicles demanded other transport service with the same quality and guaranteed. There was no reason to split our cooperation with other business partners, so consequently we came to the conclusion to begin with spedition.

      The greatest deal of spedition activities was in the years 1995 - 1998. At this time our company with the help of other transport partners covered and organized app.500 truck deliveries annually. Current spedition activities cover the truck delivery {a part-load or full- load} in the European area.  

These service deliveries are connected with the clients' idea to cumulate similar goods, i.e. GROUPAGE and forward the similar goods from different producers in the western Europe to the custom warehouses in the Czech republic. Consequently within the framework of our declarative and customs service we forward the goods as a delivery to the place of destination, mainly Russia.

      Within the framework of the spedition activities we can become necessary not only for clients interested in forwarding the goods but also for the transporters who would like to offer their vehicles for deliveries.
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