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Transport, especially international transport, has been a main focus of our company since its foundation.

       The development of our company, clients' requests and the situation in the market brought us the possibility to begin with spedition and the development of other business activities. However the transport is and will always remain the most important aim to live up to clients' expectations.

      When you are surfing on the Internet and looking for a forwarder, you will find a lot of offers from the forwarding agents stating that they will forward your goods from north to south and east to west, in short from everywhere to anywhere.

To be completely honest this service is not always possible. Those who have been doing transport business for several years are aware of the fact that this service is mostly impossible.

Our offer to cover our transport delivery service is divided into five areas:
  1. CR,SK, H, PL to France, Germany, Spain and back
  2. CR, SK, PL to Italy and back
  3. CR, SK, H, PL to Eastern Europe and Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  4. goods delivered in 1+2 to Eastern Europe
  5. CR, SK, H to Finland
Currently we have the state of fleet trucks with trailers ( tilt in the measurement of 95 m³ ) at disposal. The FRIGO trailers can be also offered, but in the limited amount.

      If you are interested in these European parts we would like to persuade you to make the right choice. If your goods are to be transported to other parts of Europe, we would advise the use of our partners, who are specialized in such areas.

You can be sure that your challenge or request will not be left unanswered and we look forward to any responses.
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